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Residents and the atmosphere
What is long-term care?
Long-term care refers to the comprehensive range of personal,
medical and social care services to meet the physical, social
and emotional needs of the chronically ill or inactive people.
The nursing home facility can be the best choice for people who need 24-hour
medical care and supervision.

What Kind of Nursing Home Care Provides?

The nursing home can provide the most comprehensive care that one can get outside of the hospital.
The Nursing House offers assistance with custodial care – such as bathing, dressing, and eating –
as well as efficient care. Skilled nursing care is offered by a registered nurse and includes
treatment and treatment.

Skilled care is also included in the services provided by specially trained
professionals such as physical, professional, and in-respiratory therapists.

What nursing home offer services?
The service varies from nursing home facility. Services often include:

Room and board
Medicines monitored
Personal care (including dressing, bath, and toilet support)
24 hour emergency care
Social and entertainment activities

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