Nursing Home Care Support In Dhaka

Nursing home care support is available in every corner in Dhaka city.We provide  in all patients care such as Surgery patients care ,Pre and Post operative patients care, Rood tract accidient patients care,Strock patient care,Orthopedics  patients care,Trachiostomy and NG feeding patients care,Bed sore care etc.,

Oxygen Cylinder Refill & Home Delivery in Dhaka BD

What’s Included Oxygen Regulator Cart on wheels Nasal Cannula Search Results Oxygen Concentrator Portable Oxygen Concentrators Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine Oxygen Cylinders Manufacturer, Suppliers Oxygen Cylinder & Regulators, Anaesthesia Oxygen Cylinder Car Charger Local Delivery and Pickup (Fees Apply) Refill available for tk.700 (in store swap, no waiting period) Rent-to-Buy Read more…