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A girl can not be a mother if her time is not. ?

During the period, how does a girl know how hard it is to keep herself natural?
The murder of your girlfriend does not smile and she is not ashamed.
How long a girl’s time loses, how hard a girl can say is good.
He suffered all pain by understanding himself, killing himself before everyone.

Employers go even after the severe pain of Uterus, and they carry out all the daily tasks easily.
You know how much trouble a worker has to endure during the period!
How to change the stitch or clothes stays. Where to change, if the person saw that clothes or caps were a great shame.

Injury in everything. In fact, it is not a period of shame, we should be unhappy, in our thinking.

Again, during the Period, during a period of time, an unhealthy girl was declared.

I also saw that, when the period goes, the mother prohibits her daughter, her mother-in-law from being a body with other members of the body. He is a woman too.

And even if you buy a cab in a pharmacy, it’s not a shame to eliminate it.
The clothing met with the normal physical process of the era under the smile.
And it seems that the people are about ten who have their pictures, thinking that Ahhoy is inside the girlfriend, then it’s going on.
Think about the period as if they were enjoying the sticks.

If a girl goes out on the road over a period of time, she must keep calm throughout the time, because her blood does not smile.

Well, when you take an accident in the lap, if you notice blood stains, tears.
Then ?? Why a girl needs to be calm forever.

Who is curious? Who’s supposed to be embarrassed?

Why do I have too much trouble, why do I suffer too much?

We have educated, but we do not have good self-esteem and good education.

The period is not embarrassed. The period begins with your physical fitness, mother … ,,,,
Many girls have been neglected to eat,
So, change our sight, and help every eleven young friend; ,,,,,,,,,,,

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